I predominantly code in Python, managed with pyenv, pipx and poetry. I have strong Linux knowledge, and work on MacOS which is managed via homebrew. I have developer setup installation instructions on my Github. I have basic HTML/CSS/JS knowledge.

I am a versatile “data developer”. I use notebooks and graphing libraries to tell stories with strongly crafted data-driven narratives but ultimately I want to use that to drive improvements to products, focused on climate change and net zero. I can make APIs and basic data applications. I believe in good quality, well-tested, robust code.

Tools / Technologies


Here are some selected tools I use all the time: Python Linux Visual Studio Code Jupyter Notebook Docker GitHub Actions Shell Script

Git GitHub Terraform

🧠AI/ML & Data Science📈

NumPy Pandas Plotly scikit-learn TensorFlow Keras PyTorch


Flutter JavaScript CSS3 HTML5

☁️Cloud Experience☁️

In order of experience / proficiency: Google Cloud AWS Azure Netlify